NEVER CHIP 1 oz Tungsten Flipping Weight (1 Pack)

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1 oz NEVER CHIP Tungsten Flipping Weight (1 Pack).

We made an invincible flipping weight that will change the way you flip forever. The NEVER CHIP series is exactly what it sounds like. These weights will never chip. Ever. Instead of painting them black, we use a process so they get black and stay black. Forever. Also, there's no more guessing what size you're throwing because we stamped it right into the weight.

Drag them over rocks, bounce them off docks, heck you can ever hit them with a hammer or put them in a blender. We did. They'll NEVER CHIP.

And since they will never chip, fade or lose their color... one pack will last until you lose them!

Customer Reviews

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Kendall Newson
Kendall Newson Review

Got my tackle fast and now I am fishing with WOO Tungsten. Good terminal weight package.

James Mergerson

The NEVER CHIP 1oz tungsten flipping weight is a versatile work horse that will get you through the thick grass and down to the big bass. You can experiment with lighter weights around the thick grass. The one weight you should hold in you hands all day, is that 1oz weight because you'll come back to it time and time again around thick grass.

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