WOO! Drop Shot Line Protection Sleeves - “Drop Shot Hack” (12 Pack)



We call this the "Drop Shot Hack". Slide our line protection sleeves on to your line when drop shotting to save your line from getting frayed and losing your Invisashot weights. Brilliant, right?

Sold in a pack of 12.

Customer Reviews

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These Sleeves are always tied on!!!

Using these sleeves keeps me from having to re-tie my hook, leader, or sinker from continuous catching;( which I’m terribly afflicted with )..pitch it anywhere without worries of line damage…use these for many applications other than drop shot!… I put that s$&t 💩 on everything 👊👊

WOO Dropshot Protection

Talk about being a real game changer!The WOO Dropshot protection sleeves are truly incredible! They really help the tag end of your line where you tie the WOO Tungsten weight from being frayed or nicked while fishing in heavy cover & structure. Definitely a true money saver! These sleeves also alleviate entanglements when you catch fish. 5 Star product!!

Aaron Syharath
Money saver!

Worth every penny in my opinion. If u guys are on edge about the line protection tubing they sell along with the dropshot weights id say definitely go for it, I’ve yet to lose a single weight. Better be safe than sorry.

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