WOO! See-Thru Lure Wrap (Green)


WOO! Tungsten See-Thru Lure Wraps show you at a glance exactly what you have tied on each rod. There's no more guessing and no more unwrapping to a surprise. The only surprise you want on the water is whether that giant you just hooked is a 5 pounder or a 6 pounder!

Size: 8" x 9" (unfolded)

Available in 3 colors!


Customer Reviews

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Jaime Perez

Been part of woo tungsten for around 4-5 yrs now. love the woo. got lots of weights but I mainly use the 1 ounce invisashot when trolling for walleye to keep my baits down deep. I recently got some lure wraps, and absolutely love them, they fit all my lures perfectly and now I can keep my baits on so i can fish them the next day. cuz sometimes I can't remember what lures I used few days prior. and this will help!!!

Greg Marshall
Safety with WOO Lure Wraps

Too many times we leave our rods laying around or just thrown in the rod locker of our boats. The next time we need them we go to pick them up or pull them out and BAM they are stuck on some other rod or even worse....they have a treble stuck on another rod, in your boat carpet or possibly your boat seat! WOO has multi-colored Lure Wraps that will help save and prevent those trebles and other hooks from doing damage to your boat or other rods by securely wrapping up those exposed hooks/trebles and keeping things organized and neat. With the different colors you have options to choose ways to be organized, matching boat colors, etc and preventing those nasty hang ups that may take a damper on your next fishing trip. They are inexpensive and will last for years with their see thru panel and their velcro edges that make taking on and off an ease. Check out WOO Lure Wraps and start protecting the more costly items that make our fishing trips more enjoyable.

Alonzo Seawood
Lue wrap

It’s ok

Richard Demello
lure wraps

Appear to be well made, time will tell. Cover flipping baits fully, will cover some crank baits. Not sure how long they will hold up in the Florida sun, but I should know in a few months.

Frank Tellez
WOO Lure Wrsps!

The WOO Tungsten Lure Wraps are killer! Finally, someone got it right when it pertains to covering up bigger lures such Stike King XDs, Wakebaits , & Whopper Ploppers! The sleek design, color is amazing . I love the see through window because it eliminates the guess work in what I have tied on at the end of my line! Very effective & just plain awesome!

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