NEVER CHIP Mixer Pack (1/4 oz & 3/8 oz) 2-Pack


Never Chip Mixer Pack - 1/4 oz & 3/8 oz

We know that sometimes you want to mix up the sizes when you're on the water. We've got you covered!

The WOO! Tungsten Never Chip Mixer Pack is a combination of our most popular sizes together in one convenient pack. And with our NEVER CHIP technology, these weights will never chip. Ever. Instead of painting them black, we use a process so they get black and stay black. Forever. Also, there's no more guessing what size you're throwing because we stamped it right into the weight.

Drag them over rocks, bounce them off docks, heck you can ever hit them with a hammer or put them in a blender. We did. They'll NEVER CHIP.

And since they will never chip, fade or lose their color... one pack will last until you lose them!

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