Limited Edition Full Size Green/Black WOO! Carpet Decal (24 inch)

$59.99 $54.99

Let everyone on the lake know that you have the best quality tungsten on the end of your line with a WOO! Tungsten carpet decal. This is a limited edition color featuring our green and black logo!

Specifically engineered for outdoor, high traffic locations and feature a non skid textured surface. Simple peel and stick application. This is our full size carpet decal and is best used in spots like the front or rear casting deck. It also looks pretty awesome with a giant bass next to it!

Dimensions: 24" x 10"

Customer Reviews

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Woo Carpet Decal

Quality Decal! Looks Fantastic on the Bow of my Z20!

Jamie Gray
Woo carpet Decal

Absolutely was blown away when I put this down on my carpet! Thanks so much! Love representing a great brand.

Frank Tellez
WOO Tungsten is Awesome!

WOO Tungsten is a 5 star product! WOO is affordable, reliable & hands down in my opinion, the best no chip tungsten out on the market today. Not only their Tungsten weights are one of kind, their clothing apparel is very stylish & makes some heads turn! Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I am looking forward in what’s coming down the pipe in the near & distant future for the industry! #WOO

Harlan Rudd
24” carpet decal.

No better way to support you favorite tungsten brand. This carpet decal stands out and sticks to the carpet like it should. Fish basically jumping in the boat now.

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