WOO! It's the sound you make when you land that giant!

At WOO! Tungsten we strive to provide you with high quality tungsten flipping weights and drop shot weights at incredible prices. 
We do it because we know how much it sucks to feel that THUMP at the end of your line, swing back with a huge hookset only to feel nothing. Whiff. Yep, you just lost that $13 piece of metal to a toothy critter who now has himself a shiny new lip ring.
Tungsten isn't only smaller than lead, it's more sensitive which means you feel everything, and that equals more fish in the boat.
Without contact you don't catch anything. It's as simple as that. Whether it's contact with the bottom, the contact of feeling that bite or the contact of driving the hook into that giant's mouth. 
Because we know that fishing is a contact sport.