3/32 oz Neko Rig Tungsten Nail Weight (6 pack)


WOO! Tungsten Neko Rig Nail Weights are made with the highest quality premium tungsten that you've come to expect from us. We designed them with ribbing along the body to ensure that when you put them inside a soft plastic bait, that's where they stay. They are ideal for Neko rigs and adding a little extra weight to make your swimbaits sink faster.

Much more compact than lead counterparts of the same weight, WOO! Tungsten Nail Weights provide an eco-friendly option for rigging soft plastics.

Sold in packs of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rick Cornett
The best nail weights!!

WOO Tungsten nail weights are the best out there. The smaller size compared to lead and the shape and sharpness of the nail weights make them easy to insert and they stay put! They do not work their way out of the plastic.

Taylor Elkins
Neko nail weight

Absolutely perfect for neko rig but also great for other applications like the hover juggle WOO!

Charlie Weinkauf
Nail weights

Absolutely the best nail weight on the market! These are a must have on the boat in all weight sizes.

Greg Marshall
WOO Nail Weights are the best

Ever had that thought you would like a way to make your baits look even more natural in the water? Well, now you can.....WOO Tungsten Nail Weights can do just that. We've been taught thru the years that a crawfish needs to be angled upward or a lizard needs to be nose down but when you actually see them in real life they walk across the bottom like a normal creature. Using a WOO nail weight and inserted in the belly area will allow you to have the same effect and presentation as if the creature was walking on the bottom. So the next time you're out using the best nail weights on the market; remember to experiment a little and insert the nail weight in different areas to get different presentations.

Paul Hanley
3/32 neko rig

Product is made to stay in the bait! I like the product and performs well!

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