3/8 oz WOO! Tungsten Swimbait Hook - NEVER CHIP (2 pack)

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These will completely revolutionize the game when it comes to how you throw a Swimbait! Gone are the days of a big bulky lead weight hanging off of your Swimbait Hook. With WOO! Tungsten, you get a hook with a sleek profile that allows your Swimbait to swim as naturally as possible!

We've also added our Never Chip Technology so your Swimbait hook will be matte black and won't be flashing around telling that giant bass "Hey, this things isn't real!" And of course, since it's a Never Chip weight, it will do just that... never chip. Ever!

And there’s no more guessing which size you are tying on because we stamped the size in each weight for Quick ID!

Each Swimbait Hook has a screw-lock baitkeeper and your choice of three sizes of Mustad Ultrapoint hook. 

Customer Reviews

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The 3/8 oz swimbaits hooks are a great size for smaller baits when you’re looking to fishing them deep.

Greg Marshall
WOO Weighted Swimbait Hooks

As we start to approach the Fall Season, bass typically start to fatten up feasting on shad. WOO's weighted swimbait hooks are a must in an anglers arsenal to catch those Fall feeders. They come in a variety of weights and hook sizes to fit your choice of water columns and size baits you like to throw. Don't get caught telling about the one that got away or a feeding frenzy that you missed out on.......get yourself some WOO weighted swimbait hooks today!

conrad baker
perfect for 4inch swimbaits!!

built just right

Roger Muniz

3/8 oz WOO! Tungsten Swimbait Hook - NEVER CHIP (2 pack)

Trevor Lee
The best weights ever

I throw nothing but WOO, every aspect from customer service to performance on the water is A++

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