NEVER CHIP 3/4 oz Tungsten Carolina Rig Barrel Weight (1 Pack)


3/4 oz Tungsten Carolina Rig Barrel Weight (1 Pack)

Since day one we've been saying Fishing Is A Contact Sport and there is no method of fishing where contact is more important than a Carolina Rig. With our 97% pure tungsten barrel weights, they will transmit every pebble, every stump and every blade of grass you drag it over which will ultimately mean more fish in the boat.

Not only are WOO! Tungsten weights smaller and more sensitive than lead or brass, they are also louder when they bang up against a flipping bead (sold separately) or a rock.

These are made with our NEVER CHIP finish, which do just they. They will never chip, fade or lose their color ever.

Customer Reviews

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Bass Man
Made for contact!

Only weight I use. Never chip is tough on outside but smooth inside so no line damage. Size marked on them for quick ID on the water .

Tony from Tennessee
NEVER CHIP Tungsten Carolina Weights

These weights are game changers! They have help land more fish because these weights increase your sensitivity so much and the smaller size snags so much less.

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