SWIMBAIT PACK - 8 Piece - Never Chip Tungsten Swimbait Hooks - USE CODE "SWIMBAIT"

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The SWIMBAIT PACK contains 3 packages of our game changing NEVER CHIP Swimbait Hooks between 1/8 oz and 3/8 oz for a total of 8 Swimbait Hooks. These weights won't chip, fade or lose their color. Ever! And there’s no more guessing which size you are tying on because we stamped the size in each weight for Quick ID!

Each Swimbait Hook has a screw-lock baitkeeper and your choice of three sizes of Mustad Ultrapoint hook. 

Purchased separately, this would cost $22.97. It includes one package of each of the following sizes:

1/8 oz WOO! Tungsten Swimbait Hook
1/4 oz WOO! Tungsten Swimbait Hook
3/8 oz WOO! Tungsten Swimbait Hook

Use code SWIMBAIT in the "discount" line at checkout to reduce the price to $19.99. Choose your hook size in the drop down box.

Cannot be combined with other discount codes.


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