WOO! See-Thru Lure Wrap (Green)


WOO! Tungsten See-Thru Lure Wraps show you at a glance exactly what you have tied on each rod. There's no more guessing and no more unwrapping to a surprise. The only surprise you want on the water is whether that giant you just hooked is a 5 pounder or a 6 pounder!

Size: 8" x 9" (unfolded)

Available in 3 colors!


Customer Reviews

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Frank Tellez
WOO Lure Wrsps!

The WOO Tungsten Lure Wraps are killer! Finally, someone got it right when it pertains to covering up bigger lures such Stike King XDs, Wakebaits , & Whopper Ploppers! The sleek design, color is amazing . I love the see through window because it eliminates the guess work in what I have tied on at the end of my line! Very effective & just plain awesome!

Thomas Mcclintic

Always a joy to spend money with a great company that makes outstanding products

Michael C.
Sturdy product

Very solid construction and should last a long time.

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